I want an online shop in a busy location with lots of customers…

I want an online shop in a busy location with lots of customers…

-What? Want an online shop in a busy location? Sir, are you making fun of me? There is no such a think…

-Really? That’s what a friend of mine said…he explained to me that… Look if you cannot do that; just let me know, it’s OK…

Dear readers,

This short dialog shows just a small example of a person who wants to involve into online business, without having the necessary experience of what this is and how it works. Although our dialog sounds funny and unreal, many times people sound like that when they want to involve with something they do not have the basic knowledge for.

As it is known there are no special rules or laws that regulate who should have his own online business and who should not (fortunately!). Thinks like this are subject to common sense. So who should involve and who should not? The actual question is not “who should involve” but “how should be involved”.

Even if you found the best website Design Company in the world, and you got the best online shop from them with the best design and development, it might still be a total failure. Although the benefit of online shops is that they are thousands of times cheaper than ordinary shops, and although the annual expenses of an online shop are thousands of times cheaper than an ordinary shop, there is one significant problem with online shops. They are lost in Internet!

There are no better places with more clients in internet. You cannot have your online shop in the busiest location with lots of clients. Once the website design company puts your online shop live immediately it is lost in the 644,275,754 active websites (according to 2012 statistics) this world has. Your website is just a drop of water in the ocean and nobody knows it. You cannot expect clients to find you like that.

Fortunately search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Lycos, Google and many others, came to make our life easier by searching and giving us the best results with the search terms we used to search. These search engines is one of the keys to a successful website, since they give results to people related to search terms, and if you manage to put your website up high in their results it gives you more possibilities to get clients. Now that you started wondering how to achieve that, unfortunately I will disappoint you by saying that this is a very strange and complicated area that confuses even the experts of the field.

Everyone is free to try his own online business, and a website design company, always welcomes new clients and new ideas. Everyone has the right to try and make his dreams come true, and there is not limitation on the age, sex, background or other personal characteristics of people in order to involve with online sales. Whoever you are, whatever your occupation and sex are, whatever is your age, you can do your own online shop.

Since all these do not matter, what is the key for a successful online shop? From our experience, the success of an online shop depends on the online shop owner mostly. There is no golden key for a success, there are only some observations we did through our experience and we want to state them in this article:

  • Do you have any idea what sales are?

You might not have any experience at all with sales, but you want to create your own online shop. It is good to study some books or articles related with sales. They will help you get into this field. Marketing strategy is what you need in order to move forward.

  • What are your products?

You might have a wonderful idea to import and sell those brilliant products you saw on that foreign website. They say that they provide Wholesale prices and you think that this is a good opportunity. Before you move on and do this, please ask yourself if selling those products is what you really want. Do you really like those products, or is it just for quick profit? People who do not believe to the product they sell, it is really difficult to succeed.

  • Do you do Continues Investments?

After you put your online shop live, you cannot just lie back and wait for it to work. You should invest continuously time and money to advertise your website in internet world. Promotional emails, social media (facebook, youtube, google plus, twitter etc.) posting and advertising, paid Search Engine Optimization, new content creation, paid advertisements, are just a few things necessary for the success of your online business.

  • Do you provide new products, new ideas, and new features?

People get easily bored when they see the same things again and again. An online shop must never stay the same. You always need fresh designs, new ideas, new products and marketing games. It is like the showcase of a physical store, where you see that it never stays the same. They change its design according to the season or occasion.

In order to summarize, we would like to say that an online shop is cheaper than a real shop, but it is not easier as well. If you do not put your maximum effort, you will never come to the desired level.

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