Internet Usage in Cyprus

internet usage in Cyprus

Internet Usage in Cyprus

It is generally accepted that Internet usage has expanded tremendously nowadays. Only by viewing the large amount of people that use Internet in their everyday life, we can easily understand that there has been enormous change over the last few years∙ a huge change that affects our everyday live. Shopping, discussing with friends, expressing of our aspects, watching movies, listening to music, performing banking transactions, teaching, doing sales and purchases, are some of our daily habits that are usually made through Internet nowadays.

Despite the expanded usage of Internet, yet some questions exist, especially for someone who is trying to weigh all advantages and disadvantages of creating a website.

Such questions are:

The rate of Internet usage in Cyprus is approximately half of the population of the island. According to data from the global database (The World Bank in 1990 the rate was moving at the lowest levels (almost zero) and by 2009 it rose to 49.8%. Specifically in 1992 only 0.1 in 100 people were using Internet and in 2009 the amount was increased to 49.8 in 100 people. Considering that the population contains a large proportion of elderly people, who find it difficult to use such kind of technologies, we realize that the rate of 49.8% of the population constitutes a huge amount of people.

Creating a website should not be considered as an option, as it is absolutely necessary! The use of Internet by the 49.8% of the population is a huge amount for Cyprus data and this number grows day by day as more and more people use Internet in their daily lives. Internet is like a huge shopping mall that gains more and more customers and your business must be part of this mall in order to increase your sales.

Your website shall be available to all Internet users. Young people are those who use the Internet most and because of that you will get mostly young visitors. Depending on the content and purpose of your website, we’ll display and advertise it in places that will bring visitors who are interested in your topic. By using this technique, and various other advanced techniques, we achieve the best popularity results for your website.

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