Should You Buy Facebook Fans? Maybe Not…

Should You Buy Facebook Fans Maybe Not

Should You Buy Facebook Fans? Maybe Not…

You get what you pay for. Keep that in mind if you’re tempted to buy Facebook fans.

Sites that sell fans ask you to simply enter your page URL, tell the vendor how many fans you want and input your PayPal information.

A few weeks later, you have a few thousand brand new fans!

Anything wrong with this? Everything!

Every fan-selling website, no matter how legitimate and professional it seems, delivers fake fans. These services are always having issues with their PayPal accounts, which often get suspended. Some of the sellers demand payment upfront, and then never contact you again.

(Just to clarify: I’m not talking about social media marketing agencies that manage a fan page or ad campaign. I mean the sites that sell a guaranteed number of supposedly real and targeted fans for a fixed price.)

Most fan-selling websites are just middlemen. They get send your orders to companies in India, Pakistan and Singapore. These outfits use spammy, hacker tactics to provide you your “100 percent real and targeted” fans.

How do I know this? I tested about 10 different fan suppliers and not a single one yielded “100 percent real and targeted fans” as promised. Most turned out to be fake profiles with a few real people mixed in the bunch. I even talked to page owners who’d bought fans and not a single buyer got any increase in sales nor engagement after the purchase.

Notice how the fake likers pictured below have stock photos and oddly constructed names:

Should You Buy Facebook Fans Maybe Not (1)
Should You Buy Facebook Fans Maybe Not (1)

Tony Thor on June 29, 2011 10:56 AM

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